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Gurnsey 1879 Silver ore ready for transport by train at the Platte Station in South Park Colorado Shown is 65 tons of silver bullion, and 10 tons of silver ore in the sacks near the building. 




Fortune seekers during the Colorado Gold Rush 1859

Miner's at the miner's exchange at Red Cliff Colorado.




Underground Mine workings, Ore cars, and cages.

Etching of miner's working underground.




Cover image of CD-Rom Colorado Mining History in Images.

Microsoft Windows CD-Rom of Colorado mining History in Images.


Step back into the past through historic photographs

 and explore Colorado's Rich Heritage

 by examining early three dimensional stereographs.



Microsoft Windows compatible CD-ROM for sale titled "Colorado Mining History in Images" Stereoscopic Views.  Produced by Steve Keller.  Peering back through the dark mist of time from our high vantage point toward the glittering early history of gold and silver mining in Colorado, we are aided by technology in many forms in clearly uncovering information that is slowly dissolving into obscurity.

The CD-Rom will show through historically accurate photographic and artistic interpretations conveyed through photographs and etchings, what the real world of mining exploration was like, as it existed in those grand times.

Many early mining camps and boomtowns are shown on the CD-Rom including Central City, Black Hawk, Ouray, Telluride, Silverton, Durango, Silver Plume, Georgetown, Leadville, Montezuma, Lulu, Alma, Breckenridge, Aspen, Independence, Silver Cliff, Fairplay.

Photographs from the following photographer's are included on the CD-Rom, Reed & McKenny, W.G. Chamberlain, Kilburn Brothers, W.H. Jackson, C. Weitfle, Brisbois, Barnhouse, Luke & Wheeler, J. Thurlow, Alexander Martin, B.H. Gurnsey.

Items included on the CD-Rom are Prospectors, Drilling, Blasting, stereoviews, Grubstakes, Claims, Pack trains, pack mules, tourism, mining operations, Railroads, settlements outposts encampments boomtowns.


Key Benefits

  • Educational Colorado History 1859 Gold Rush
  • Reference photographs
  • Cool and fun viewing 3-D images




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