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55. Hanging Rock (up), Clear Creek Canyon   Supposed to be able to see two faces in profile in the rocks. on each side of the tracks facing towards each other. "Views on Colorado Central R.R. from Black Hawk to Central City." "Colorado Industrial Association..." "Awarded to Charles Weitfle, Best Collection Photographic Views of Colorado Scenery 1878" "The most wonderful piece of railroad engineering ..." "Photographed by Charles Weitfle, Central City, Colo.  Headquarters for Colorado Views. Over 300 different Views for Sale. Also Awarded ..."





53. Weitfle's Stereoscopic Views of Clear Creek Canyon. "The whole length of the canyon, which is 60 miles. is well named The Switzerland of America, it is the pride of Colorado, and the wonder and adoration of the tourist traveler. The Colorado Central Railroad rans through the entire distance, to Black Hawk, 39 miles, Central City, 44 Miles, Idaho Springs 36 miles, and Georgetown 50 miles." Another variation taken at Hanging Rock note the telegraph line and the description on the card does not mention Silver Plume and the famous loop.




Beaver Brook Station in Clear Creek Canyon Colorado - W.G. Chamberlain photographer #274




Passenger Train Above Beaver Brook Station in Clear Creek Canyon





Packard Bridge between Central City and Black Hawk





Central City extension




W.H. Jackson  photograph of the famous Georgetown Loop. W.H. Jackson & Co, Denver, Colorado. 1734. Bridge above Devil's Gate, Union Pacific. Railroad





Alexander Martin photograph of the Georgetown Loop Railroad




Two trains on the high bridge on the Georgetown Loop.



Waiting for the train to St. Elmo at Chalk Creek Station - W.H. Jackson (note empty sacks for gold and silver ore)



Forks at Clear Creek C.C.R.R. Georgetown, Black Hawk, Golden Colorado - Alexander Martin -Photographer No. 76






W.H. Jackson & Co. Views of Colorado.  "Platte Canyon, South Park and Alpine Pass.   Twenty miles southwesterly from Denver, the Denver, South Park & Pacific Railway enters the mouth of Platte Canyon, and then for nearly fifty miles pursues a winding serpentine way along one of the most beautiful canyons among the many for which Colorado is noted. The first canyon, between the mouth an South Platte, is the wildest and most rugged, especially in the neighborhood of Dean's, where the turbulent stream is confined in deep and narrow channels, and the mountain's tower 2000 feet nearly perpendicularly. These dark and gloomy defiles are alternated with bright and smiling valleys, so that in going from one to another we are continually changing from sunlight to shadow. Two miles above South Platte is Dome Rock, an immense dome of clear gray granite, on the South side of the road, far up the mountain side. It is a favorite resort for excursions. Another five miles and scraggy pinnacles of Cathedral rocks tower almost directly overhead.  Upon either hand and scattered along the bed of the stream, are immense granite boulders, worn and rounded by water and natural disintegration into many curious shapes.  Ten or twelve miles further the canyon again becomes a narrow gorge with overhanging cliffs rising to great height.  Here near Crosson's, is the Arch Rock that figures prominently in all views of the road. For twenty miles farther canyons and narrow valleys alternate, the track continually crossing and  re crossing the stream, until finally, at Webster, by taking a long tack up Hall's Gulch, the road suddenly mounts high up the side of the mountain.  It then keeps on climbing still higher, around projecting mountain spires, over high embankments and through deep gorges, until finally the summit is reached. 9,130 feet above the sea. A short distance beyond the summit, South Park, with its vast expanse of level plain and glittering border of snow clad peaks, bursts suddenly upon the view. Extending along the western side of the Park are some of the grandest peaks of the Rocky Mountains; Mounts Guyot, Hamilton, Silver Heels, Lincoln, Buckskin, Horse Shoe, and others, that range in altitude from 13,500 up to 14,206 feet.  From this point it is 36 miles across the Park to the divide at the head of Trout Creek, and 23 miles farther down to Buena Vista on the Arkansas.  At the crossing, two miles below, a branch extends to Nathrop, and than strikes boldly for the summit of the range,  entering Chalk Creek Canyon five miles above where there are several groups of well known hot springs.  Above this point the road bed is graded high up on the sides of the canyon and directly under Mts Princeton and Antero, 11,200 and 14,245 feet high, respectively.  At the summit of the pass, 11,500 feet above the sea, is  the great Alpine Tunnel, 1650 feet in length.  The following series about the tunnel were made during the winter of 1880-1881, and convey a good impression of mid winter at the summits of the Rockies."





Chipeta Falls in Black Canyon W.H. Jackson






W.H. Jackson  Train stopped on steep cliff in Toltec Gorge with rocky cliff behind and treed hillside in distance. Tademark of Jackson photographs is placing someone in the image to show the grandness of the scene through their relative scale.   Canyon of the Rio Las Animas. Denver & Rio Grande R.R.


Chas. Weitfle  No. 220   Jefferson Station, Platte Canon along the line of the D.S.P & P.R.R

Chas. Weitfle  No. 220   Jefferson Station, Platte Canon along the line of the D.S.P & P.R.R






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