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Crossing the Range in Snow Skis Colorado mining
Unknown Photographer




Miner's burro packed with mining equipment, including giant powder which was an early form of dynamite. Also shown is a box of nitro glycerin, old rye, gin, whiskey jug, frying pan, shovels, pots, rope, wheel barrow, saw and a miners pick.





3253. "The Colorado ship of the desert" Anchored on the backbone of of Grey's Peak. Photograph by Alexander Martin Rocky Mountain Views Series.




Prospectors and miners at Lost Trail Camp south of Lake City San Juan Mountains




Miner's off to the San Juan's at Alma


Alexander Martin - Special effects photograph Composite images




W.H. Jackson  #3503  Burro carrying miner's supplies at Montezuma




Cinching up a load packing the last pull




W.G. Chamberlain Argentine Pass Snake River and  Breckenridge series. The locality which this view illustrates is the Argentine Pass.  The Pass easily reached by carriage from Georgetown.  From this pass looking west directly below, seemingly beneath your feet, flowing from springs and melting snows of Gray's peak is a fork of the Snake River. The road leading to the gorge below is a shelf just wide enough for wheel passage, and to a stranger unaccustomed to mountain travel the descent is fearful. The road is between Waldorf and Montezuma.



Photographer on Mear's Toll road between Ouray and Red Mountain  Kilburn photographer


William H. Rau  A team of pack burros heading up to the mines from Ouray to bring back a shipment of ore. They are stopped at the gate on Otto Mear's Toll Road Ouray



Pack Train Ute Pass - R.C. Linsley's burro pack Train heading for Silverton.



W.O. Lukes photograph of pack train Leadville Colorado.




W.H. Jackson #3665  Burro train packed with lumber for the mines. Bullwhacker or Muleskinner supervising mules progress up to the mines.





On the trail to Pikes Peak



Trail to summit of Gray's - W.H. Jackson



Pack mules Ouray, Colorado




Donkey Train, at Georgetown, Colorado - Charles Weitfle Photograph #196




W.G. Chamberlain photographer - Pack mules at a mine


Main street Alma Colorado



Alexander Martin photographer # 236 Pon Assindrum -Coaxing a stubborn mule across timber bridge




Weitfle photographic wagon in Clear Creek Canyon west of Idaho Springs.




Excursion to Twin Lakes, Leadville



Indian Supply Train Ute Pass.     J. Thurlow #91



Leadville Colorado miner's  Stage   C. Weitfle. No. 206. On to Leadville



Empire Pass - Alexander Martin #2160




Hauling steam boiler in the San Juan's



Colorado mining Water Donkeys - W.H. Jackson Photographer






Home Army of Tourists Mining Camps Miner's & Others Pack Trails &  Roads Rails Mining Operations Under the Lupe CDROM New Images



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