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Colorado Tourism started at the same time as the Gold Rush in 1859. Many easterners traveled west for health reasons, The climate and altitude as well as mineral springs were believed to have curative benefits.





L.K. Oldroyd No. 120. - Across the bloody chasm. Pikes Peak a major tourist attraction.





Summit of Pikes Peak, C. Weitfle






Garden of the Gods , C. Weitfle





Idlewild steamboat exclusive resort for mining speculators at Twin Lakes Leadville - W.G. Chamberlain






W. H. Jackson - Navajo Soda spring Manitou, Guest tasting the mineral water from a silver cup that is chained to the spring.

 The Gazebo was built in 1872.






Alexander Martin # 94. Tourists heading to Green Lake above Georgetown. Note ladies' riding sidesaddle as was the custom at that time.






C. Weitfle # 183  Tourists pleasuring at Green Lake. Reached by the Colorado Central Railroad via Georgetown from which it is distant 2.5 miles. This beautiful body of water, half a mile long, one quarter wide, and sixty feet deep, is without peer in any land. Taking a row in one of the neat boats, one can see the petrified forest standing upright many feet below the surface.  Over 10,000 trout have been placed in the lake, and can be distinctly seen swimming among the forest branches.  Altitude 10,000 feet.





Cascade Falls, Ouray, Colorado






Self portrait of photographer Alexander Martin at Boulder Falls. This photograph was probably taken to capture the falls, but it transcends into the pictorialists school of photography. Martin is successful in imitating landscape painter's esthetic.





Beaver Creek near Rollinsville Colorado.  Alexander Martin Photograph.






Water Reservoir Ouray, Colorado Oak Creek-  1880





Camp in Middle Park





Alexander Martin - Bear attacking camp is an early fabricated photograph which shows an obviously invented circumstance.





Falls in Box Canyon Ouray Colorado - Luke and Wheeler photographer






Crystal Lakes James Peak wilderness, Photographed by Reed and McKenney.






Summit Mount Lincoln






Weitfle, Mount of the Holy Cross - W.H. Jackson was the first to Photograph the Mount of the Holy Cross. Colorado





Gray's Peak - Alexander Martin Photographer





W.H. Jackson.  Summit house Gray's Peak looking to the west towards the Sawatch Range.




Home Army of Tourists Mining Camps Miner's & Others Pack Trails &  Roads Rails Mining Operations Under the Lupe CDROM New Images

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