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William F. Cody A.K.A. Buffalo Bill Wild West Show

Buffalo Bill Museum & Grave Golden Colorado




 Photos of Ghost Towns of the old west with a focus on Colorado




Rochester Image Permanence Institute




United States Geological Society

USGS-Central Region Geologic Information-USGS Library, Denver ...



Bureau Of Land Management - Minerals

The Open Space Agency - BLM Solid Minerals




The Photography Collection - Western History / Genealogy ...

Colorado Historical Society





Colorado School of Mines

Arthur Lakes Library




Digital images, Center of Southwest Studies, Fort Lewis College




Colorado State Penitentiary Photograph Collection "Mug Shots"




Jefferson Stereoptics








Photographs of the American West




Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum




The National Stereoscopic Assoc.




Charles Weitfle Colorado Entrepreneur




Charles Weitfle Stereo Views

George Eastman House
Still Photograph Archive
72 Selected Images





 William Henry Jackson




American Photographic Historical Society





U.S. Copyright Office, Circular1 "Copyright Basics"





Local History Collections - Richard A. Ronzio Collection








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